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Rich Experience

Our commitment to high quality starts with our staff. Leafhold's staff are some of the experienced and passionate in the industry. Furniture is not just our business, it is our lifestyle. The vast majority of our staff are already mothers or fathers, we know that making high-quality, eco-friendly furnitures is a responsibility and a guardianship of our homes, so we understand the importance of quality and eco-friendly more deeply.

Leafhold was founded in 2018, and now it has cooperated with advanced brand companies in the industry, it is always not the achievements and awards that make us proud at anytime, but the trust from our customer friends.

"I bought the cabinet 3 years ago and now I've moved to a new home, so I looked for your shop right away and was delighted to find you were still there, then I bought a bookshelf again." -- A Lovely Customer

Your furniture tells the story of who you are, where you've been, and even where you want to be. From raw materials to completed products, we grow with each furniture. Now, we just want you and your family to have a safe and great furniture that can stay with you for a lifetime!



First-class Craftsmanship

Leafhold's manager had been a quality manager for a top furniture company for 8 years. Most of its export orders are extremely demanding, and quality control is a top priority. Raw materials are inspected to prevent poorly controlled drying of solid wood materials that could lead to cracking of the furniture in future. The production process is tracked to avoid errors in the assembly process. 
This is a principle that has remained with Leafhold since its creation.

Producing environmentally friendly and odourless furniture is not something that can be achieved in a small workshop, and this process places high demands on furniture manufacturers. The demands are:

  1. The furniture manufacturer's production must comply with national environmental standards.
  2. A clean room that meets national environmental regulations.
  3. Professional equipment & quality-minded staff & standardised processes.

Only by ensuring that the products are eco-friendly from the source can we produce eco-friendly products.



A Lifelong Companion

To produce high quality and eco-friendly furniture, Leafhold must be strictly selected and crafted in materials, paints, and other aspects.
Because there are many details that are easy to ignore in other companies.


Leafhold uses the world's high quality woods, strictly adhering to the principles of environmental protection, nature and durability, and selects North American white oak and North American cherry wood that meet the special FAS grade standard to ensure environmental protection and the best touch of the product.


In order to make the furniture without pungent smell, we do not hesitate to exceed 3-5 times the input cost of our peers and choose top-grade coating, which does not contain formaldehyde and does not evaporate toxic odor. This results in furniture that is free of pungent smell, can be installed and used immediately, and also prevents water and oil stains from invading into the wood.


Strictly follow the standard process of export process, after repeated sanding and spraying again and again, with efficient air purification treatment, controlling humidity, temperature and consuming more drying time. Using a clean workshop that meets the national environmental regulations, we get a desktop that feels as delicate as satin.

Our brand idea is sincere, we hope to deliver goodwill through eco-friendly and odorless furnitures, we would like to reiterate once more: Leafhold only wants you and your family to have good furnitures that can be safely accompanied for a lifelong.


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